I've been providing weekly Sound Bath Classes at The Lodge.Space since November 2021.

The class is from 8pm-9pm on Sundays. I always start the session explaining how it will run. I then go into the sound bath and end the class with some home grown tea, relaying things I picked up as well as answering any question.

As well as providing classes, I am now taking Private Bookings for one to ones, couples and group sessions. This allows me to work more personally to the individuals(s) and give deeper healing. If you would like to book a private session click HERE

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Myself and Charlene have been close friends for over 5 years now and have embarked on a journey of healing, connection and love with the intention to assist and help others step into their own powerful light.

After experiencing our own individual health issues and family grievances, we found a new purpose through Reiki Healing and Sound Therapy and believe it is our life's work to ignite the healing powers that reside within us all by sharing our energy.

We started Heal in Harmony in Feb 2022 and host monthly events in the beautiful venue East of Eden in East London, Walthamstow.

Keep up to date on Heal in Harmony events by clicking the links below.


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